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  1. Humoral and Cell-Mediated Immune Responses to Vaccinia Virus Immunization ImmuneSpace

    ID: SDY28

    Description: Our broad objective is to examine the role of candidate human immune response gene polymorphisms (and their receptors, expression and function) in int...

    Publication: 23594957; ; 23806267; ; 27513748; ; 22949304; ; 19038260;
  2. Cytometry by time-of-flight shows combinatorial cytokine expression and virus-specific cell niches within a continuum of CD8+ T cell phenotypes ImmuneSpace

    ID: SDY207

    Description: High dimensional analysis of CD8+ T cell phenotype and function

    Publication: 22265676;
  3. TIV 2008 vaccination of CD95-/- mice and ELISA for detection of influenza-specific antibodies ImmuneSpace

    ID: SDY215

    Description: Evaluation of the mouse immune response to influenza vaccination. ELISA was used to examine the immune response of mutant mice (MRL/Mpj-Faslpr/J (Mpj...

    Publication: 23591775;
  4. Systems Biology Analysis of the response to Licensed Hepatitis B Vaccine (HEPLISAV) in Whole Blood (see companion studies SDY816 and SDY690) ImmuneSpace

    ID: SDY299

    Description: This project will contribute to the overall vision and goals of this U19 by analyzing the role of adjuvants in the humoral response to hep B vaccinati...

  5. T cell responses to H1N1v and a longitudinal study of seasonal influenza vaccination (TIV) - 2008 (See companion studies SDY315 2012 / SDY312 2009 / S... ImmuneSpace

    ID: SDY314

    Description: Systems biology approach to examine effects of seasonal flu vaccination in adults of different ages on gene expression, cytokine stimulation and serum...

  6. Systems Biology Approach to Study Influenza Vaccine 2013-14 in Healthy Children (see companion studies SDY364, SDY144, SDY387) ImmuneSpace

    ID: SDY368

    Description: The treatment of pediatric immune system dysfunctions depends upon the basic understanding of its molecular and cellular components, as well as the in...

  7. B and T Cell Determinants of Influenza Vaccine Responses in the Elderly 2008 (see companion study SDY773) ImmuneSpace

    ID: SDY460

    Description: Application of high-throughput DNA sequencing of the IGH gene rearrangements to study the B cell repertoires over two successive years in 27 individua...

    Publication: 24337376;
  8. CMV CD8 T Cells ImmuneSpace

    ID: SDY1041

    Description: We present human T cell responses in multiple sites including blood, lymphoid, mucosal and secretory tissues of 20 CMV seropositive donors. Overall, C...

    Publication: 28130404;
  9. Early-life compartmentalization of human T cells ImmuneSpace

    ID: SDY1097

    Description: Knowledge of human immune responses during early life remains sparse, owing to the difficulty and impracticality of obtaining blood and tissue samples...

    Publication: 26657141;
  10. CD4 Nicaragua Epitope ID ImmuneSpace

    ID: SDY1109

    Description: We performed DENV-specific epitope screening studies in the general population of Managua. Peptides with the capacity to bind HLA DR molecules most c...

Displaying 10 of 74 results for " "